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Auto-Poster Plugin Automatically Re-publishes Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and More

Automating Social Media Exposure For Your Blogs

Anyone running a blog should be using social media to their fullest advantage. If you are then that is great, but if not then you will appreciate today’s topic.


Social Media Integration

If you are familiar with services such as Onlywire or Pixel Pipe, then you understand that just creating a singular post is not often enough to drive serious traffic to your website. Long gone are the days of “Post it and they will come”. (Field of Dreams reference).

In order to gain the most bang for your buck you need to actually have your content syndicated around the net, thereby gaining you exposure and additional backlinks. There are a number of ways to do this but most frequently they cost extra and in some cases may be cost prohibitive to beginners.

OnlyWire for example will post your content to your own social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others (totaling 50 services at last count). But this is done at a monthly cost of around $13 per month for the basic account.

Sure this is not a lot to post have your content pushed out to your other networks. But, what if you could do it at no cost at all?

Well, you can. Introducing the Newest free version of NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Now you might think this is a Plugin Of The Week Post, as it easily could have been, but didn’t pass our criteria for this recently due to a major upgrade.

We love this plugin, but anytime we see a major change to a plugin there is undoubtedly going to be some hiccups along the way, which is the only reason it is not this weeks POTW. Once they have gotten all things settled down on the upgrade we will re-visit this.


What NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster Does

According the the Plugin Authors:

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(VK.com), YouTube, WordPress, etc. The whole process is completely automated. Just write a new post and either entire post or it’s nicely formatted announcement with backlink will be published to all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.

But there is in fact more to it that you might not catch at first glance.

Let’s compare for example the OnlyWire Service. I have used OnlyWire in the past but often found that I was a little unsatisfied with the interaction of the service. For example, when you create a post that same post is pretty much exactly the same once posted to other services. While not a deal breaker it was a little bit of a pain to spend extra money just to repost exact copies out to 50 services.

In addition to this issue, OnlyWire posts are “tagged” as being “via OnlyWire”. This is a self-promoting issue which basically notifies anyone reading it where you posts are being passed through. Not sure of OnlyWire uses this to in some way grab referrals or even backlinks, but to me it becomes questionable to say the least.

The Staff over there at NextScript have given us a plugin that does the hard work of posting these to your various social accounts. and does so smoothly and without any reference to itself.

Yes, 100% White label posting of your own content.

Plugin makes 100% White Labeled Posts The main idea behind the plugin is to give you the ability to promote only yourself. Plugin uses your own apps and all posts to all networks come only from you. No “Shared via NextScripts.com” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.

In addition to that, the plugin formats based on the service it is being posted to. That’s correct. Some systems can use Html for example, Others can include image support. Still others can attach Youtube channel feeds.

This means that the different services will not all be exactly the same basic message.

Another option we truly enjoy – Multiple accounts of the same type.

Yes, that’s right. For those of you who just happen to have multiple Twitter accounts, more then 1 Google+ or a hundred other WordPress blogs, this can post to them all. This means you can seriously ramp up your social media presence. Which means you have a much greater potential for traffic to your posts.


The Reason It’s Not POTW?

As we said earlier, this plugin has undergone some serious changes. The older version, 2.7 has been effectively discontinued at the end of October, 2013.

NextScript released the newest version, 3.0 on November 1st, 2013.

As a programmer I am a little disappointed with NextScripts releasing in this manner, (see posts about OSE Firewall for more details), as I feel that major releases should be beta released first. There is no reason they could not overlap the two version and test the newest before putting into production.

To their credit though they have been right on top of fixing the bugs found in this release having made several updates over the last few weeks. The level of their support has meant the difference to me. I can overlook the early releases if they are committed to the product development and I truly believe they are. My hat’s off to these guys doing the bug fixes.

Below are the recent updates as of November 1st, 2013.

3.0.9 [11/18/2013]

  • New – %FULLTITLE% tag will insert processed title.
  • Bug Fix – YouTube – Google+ page setting were not saved.
  • Bug Fix – LinkedIn – Titles for groups were ignored.
  • Bug Fix – Set Time was not working in Firefox.
  • Bug Fix – Plurk authorization problems.
  • Bug Fix – Individual Category Excluded was breaking autoposting.
  • Bug Fix – WordPress tag were broken

3.0.8 [11/18/2013]

  • Improvement/Bug Fix – OG:Image will be taken the same way as “Post image”, not as small thumbnail.
  • Bug Fix – Language/Localization files were not working.
  • Bug Fix – WordPress to WordPress – Excerpts were incorrectly encoded.
  • Bug Fix – Reset reposting time after the change.
  • Bug Fix – Check if posts status is still “Published” at autoposting time.
  • Bug Fix – Reposting wasn’t working if dates were out of bounds.
  • Bug Fix – Repost only previously unautoposted posts checkbox was not saved.

3.0.7 [11/13/2013]

  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Pinterest no longer allows shortened URLs. Option has been removed.
  • Bug Fix – Auto-reposting self disabling issues.
  • Bug Fix – Pinterest was ignoring default image.
  • Bug Fix – Several small bug fixes and improvements.

3.0.6 [11/08/2013]

  • Important Notice – Reddit support has been removed due to abuse. http://gd.is/trdx
  • New – Auto-Repost for Custom Post Types.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Blogger – Better errors handling for free API
  • Bug Fix – LinkedIn – Incorrect URL encoding for attached links
  • Bug Fix – Tumblr – Test button was incorrectly retuning 404 error.
  • Bug Fix – Deviantart – fix for “Couldn’t resolve host ‘xxxxxxxxxxx.deviantart.com”
  • Bug Fix – “&” symbol in the settings were causing some issues.
  • Bug Fix – Post setting “Include/Exclude from reposting” was ignored on some configurations.

3.0.5 [11/05/2013]

  • Improvement – Some code optimization for WMPU, should improve performance on busy sites.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Some code optimization for better stability. Should fix missing posts.
  • Bug Fix – Facebook – “Image” post were missing image or taking the wrong image.
  • Bug Fix – “Lost” Featured images in some installations with altered themes.

3.0.4 [11/03/2013]

  • Important Notice – 64MB of allowed PHP memory is mandatory.
  • Bug Fix – plugin was ignoring some externally/automatically created posts.
  • Bug Fix – Import settings button was broken.
  • Bug Fix – Repost only previously unautoposted posts checkbox was not saved.
  • Bug Fix – trash_to_publish event should be excluded from the log.
  • Bug Fix – Twitter was ignoring selected image.
  • Bug Fix – Blogger – incorrect “Unfinished setup” message.
  • Bug Fix – Twitter – broken qTransalte for Twitter format.
  • Bug Fix – Reddit – title and message format problems.
  • Bug Fix – LiveJournal – Test button was broken

3.0.3 [11/03/2013]

  • Bug Fix – Broken/Incorrect WPMU Pages and Sites management
  • Bug Fix – Facebook text format issue.
  • Bug Fix – Settings Page layout fixes.

3.0.2 [11/01/2013]

  • Bug Fix – Blank pages on some sites after 2.7->3.0 update

3.0.1 [11/01/2013]

  • New – Major release with a lot of new and improved features.
  • New – Auto-repost existing and already posted posts based on some rules – one-by-one from old to new, one-by-one from new to old, from specific dates, “older then N days and younger then X days”.
  • New – Add auto-posts to the query that will be posted according to some specified rules (like “two posts per hour”)
  • New – Select what image to use for “Image” and “Attachment” post types if post has several images
  • New – Custom URL for posts
  • New – App.net Support
  • New – Reddit Support
  • New – Deviantart Support
  • New – Reset all Settings for existing posts.
  • New – Extended debug info.
  • New – Ability to send errors by email.
  • New – New Option – How to handle spaces in hashtags.
  • Improvement – Comments import has been completely redone. Disqus and usernames should be correct now.
  • Improvement – Code was optimized for lighter footprint


NextScript Social Auto Poster General Feature List

With the recent change over to a new version the developers have been hard at work adding new features and updating bugs. ?Below is a list of the standard version features that will cover most websites.

  • Message Formatting Tags
  • Assign categories to each Social Network
  • Tags/Categories posted as Hashtags
  • Auto-import comments from Facebook as WordPress Comments
  • Auto-import replies and mentions from and Twitter as WordPress Comments
  • URL Shorteners: bit.ly, goo.gl, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener
  • Additional URL Parameters
  • Custom URLs for AutoPosts
  • Export/Import Plugin settings
  • See direct links to the published posts from the “Edit” page
  • “Image” posts for Facebook, Google+, Vkontakte and Twitter
  • Ability to “Spin” message post templates
  • Auto re-posting of the old posts

NextScript does offer a premium version of Social Network Auto Poster for those looking for more features then those listed above such as:

  • Ability to make Scheduled and Delayed postings
  • Auto-repost existing random posts from from specific dates or “older then N days and younger then X days”.
  • Limit random or one-by-one auto-reposting for specific days of the week and times. (like Monday-Friday from 8AM to 7PM Only)
  • Reddit Autoposting Support
  • LinkedIn Company Pages Autoposting support
  • Advanced Autoposting to Blogger
  • [Limited Time Only – included to “Pro” for free] Google+ Autoposting Support ($49.95 value)
  • [Limited Time Only – included to “Pro” for free] Pinterest Autoposting Support ($49.95 value)

Additionally, the premium version of Social Network Auto Poster is only a one time payment. This becomes a considerable cost savings as compared to competitive services that are charging a monthly fee.

We will continue to follow the updates of this plugin as we feel this offers a better solution for free,then many of the other paid options out there.

Derek Wood

Derek is a Online Web Professional. He works with clients and customers in order to implement Web-Based solutions for businesses. These include websites, SEO, marketing, and company branding. His own company, Shadow Dragon Unlimited has been providing these services to local businesses in his Western Massachusetts area and online since 2003.