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Don’t Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

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Email Marketing Mistakes – What Marketers Know


When it comes to creating a blog, WordPress is the place to go. Any many people create blogs in an attempt to generate a source of income for themselves or for someone else. Once major problem is that not all bloggers are marketer. Learning how to avoid email marketing mistakes does not have to be hard or complex. There are however a few basics you should keep in mind.
While doing research for topics to write I came across a well written post over as WPBeginner talking about this exact issue with marketing.
Any marketer will tell you that having a subscriber or email list is a key factors to any business. In truth, it could easily be the one single most important factor to a web-based business.
Here a brief summary from the post: 11 Email Marketing Mistakes WordPress Users Must Avoid.


Thinking about building an email list? Beginner’s often end up making email marketing mistakes that are detrimental to their business. In this article, we will share 11 email marketing mistakes that all WordPress users must avoid.

  1. aweber mailchimp getresponse imageUsing WordPress to Run an Email List or Newsletter
  1. Confusing Blog Subscription Tools with an Email List
    • Plugins like JetPack or services like Feedburner allow your users to receive blog posts via email. However, this is not really an email list. There are no private emails, ou don’t own it, and it’s not effective for your business.
  1. Not Starting Email List Building Right Away
    • Start on Day One. Don’t wait. You never know who might join.
  1. Not Using a Lead Generation Software
    • You need to use a lead generation software. Lists often grow slower then we want, using supporting software to do a/b split testing, and analytics to grow lists faster.
  1. Using only a Single Sign up Form
    • Use multiple signup methods or forms. Don’t go overboard and have a hundred per page. Use two at a time and split test them, keep using whichever one performs the best. Then create a replacement for the one that doesn’t work and start over again.
  1. Using Too Many Optins and Ruining User Experience
    • Using a popup form, slide in optin, welcome gate, together on the same page can annoy your users. Bad user experience not only discourages users from browsing your website, it can also have a negative effect on your sales and SEO.
  1. email marketing ab testing works imageNot Improving Lead Generation with Testing and Research
    • Testing, Testing, TESTING. You need to regularly check which optins are working on your website and run A/B tests to see how you can improve. Test, make improvements and re-test your lead capture forms.
  1. Not Using RSS to Email Subscription
    • Connecting your blog’s RSS feed to your email list allows you to send email to your users whenever there is a new post on your blog. For detailed instructions, see this tutorial on how to add email subscription to your WordPress blog.
  1. Buying an Email List
    • Unless your a Fortune 500 company, just don’t do it. You havve no way of knowing if the list is valid. These people may not care about your site topic, or worse may report you for spamming and cost you some serious fines.
  1. Ignoring Google Analytics to Boost Signups
    • Analytics is all about knowing your sites traffic. The more you know about where your visitors are coming and going the better you can target your efforts.
  1. Sending Too Many Emails
    • You will need to find out the balance between a healthy email frequency and an annoying one. Too few and your emails get lost and too many just gets annoying. Consider options for weekly or monthly mailings.


That’s it for the 11 email marketing mistakes as listed at WPBeginner. However there are still a couple more points that can be taken into consideration. So let’s look at these:email customer feedback small image

  • Get Subscriber Feedback
    • Make sure you ask your subscribers for their feedback. How else will you learn what works. People will often tell you if you did something wrong but may not always speak up when you do it right.
  • Don’t Over Sell Your List
    • Many email marketers are well aware of adding some for of monetization to their emails and newsletters. This is common and in many cases expected at some point. Just be aware that just like frequency you can over do it. Keep them limited to one per email or less. They signed up to get your content.
  • Don’t Panic Over The Unsubscribes
    • You can’t please everyone all the time. People will join and unsubscribe from your list all the time. It happens to everyone who has a list. No one stays there forever. Just do your best and keep testing and getting feedback. Then work on creating good content and keeping the readers coming back for that.


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