Hacker Defense – 10 Quick Tips

10 WordPress Security Tips to Defend Your Site from Hackers

We like providing WordPress security tips to our readers. It has always been our hope to help you the reader to prevent many of the common mistakes that users who get their websites hacked make. Many hackers get in through simple errors in judgement, poor plugin design, or easily guessed passwords. By eliminating many of the easy access points for hackers you will decrease your chances of problems dramatically.

WordPress being the number one content management system (CMS) on the web paints a big red target on its back. After all, WordPress does comprise nearly 1/3 of all websites hosted on the Internet. Not to mention just about ever major hosting company out there offers WordPress hosting as standard packages. Combine this popularity and the sheer numbers or potential targets for a hackers and you create a target rich environment.

Simply put, the more WordPress sites out there means there are more opportunities for hackers to do what they enjoy.

Luckily this does not mean you will get hacked, but you still have insurance for when you might get hurt.

Learning to protect your website is much the same as insurance. You cannot guarantee that nothing will ever happen, but the least you can do is prepare and plan for the eventuality if it does happen. Take a few minutes to check out the list below.

The folks over in the UK at WPShrugs have put together a wonderful info-graphic of many of the key points we are trying to teach you here. Below are 10 WordPress security tips to help you defend your blog against the multitude of hackers out there.


10 wordpress security tips to defend your site from hackers infographic