New Sections Being Added

We are working hard to add new features to this site. Below are just a few quick changes we have made:


More posts coming soon: We work hard to find plugins that we like and that make our POTW articles, however we also go through a lot of plugins that do not make it.

These by themselves are not “BAD” plugins, they often just do not quite suit our specific needs “At that time”. As a result we often have a ton of information that we can relate to you about other plugins we may be using or testing that you might be interested in.

This is the main reason behind the General sections. We will be adding much more content to these sections as we test other plugins and themes. As a special bonus, when we create tutorials they will also be posted here.

SECURITY issues, plugins, themes, etc, will still be posted in their own category as we feel these take a higher priority and you should not have to search for needles in haystacks to fix those issues.

Upcoming plugin testing will inlcude DB management, Caching plugins, and a host of others.

Additional services still coming, including Security audits, Htaccess coding requests.

Keep coming back for more great content. We hope to hear from you too. Please leave comments.

– Derek