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Street Fighter V Update Opens Backdoor on Windows PCs

CapCom Security Breach On Street Fighter V PC Version

Game devloper CapCom, recently pushed out a release of Street Fighter 5, only to find that this update could cause a considerable risk of backdoor access for PC users. CapCom was quick to roll back the update thanks to a quick uproar from the PC/Gaming Reddit community.

The program was installing a capcom file which required OS kernel level access and effectively bypass some Windows security features in the process.

16000 WordPress sites hacked so far this year – 2016

WordPress Sites Hacked 2016

Based on reports from Sucuri Security a common security problem does exist within the WordPress community – Backdoors.

I looks like the most common method for hackers to infiltrate a website is the good old fashioned backdoor usage. Why would a criminal spend time and effort trying to crack the front-end security of you leave the backdoor wide open. Just like any potential security risk out there, backdoor access could take on many different formats. These could be hacked versions of plugins, themes or even system files. Taking steps to secure your WordPress blog from large and small risks alike can prove to be well worth the effort.