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Street Fighter V Update Opens Backdoor on Windows PCs

CapCom Security Breach On Street Fighter V PC Version

Game devloper CapCom, recently pushed out a release of Street Fighter 5, only to find that this update could cause a considerable risk of backdoor access for PC users. CapCom was quick to roll back the update thanks to a quick uproar from the PC/Gaming Reddit community.

The program was installing a capcom file which required OS kernel level access and effectively bypass some Windows security features in the process.

The problem, as Reddit user extrwi explained, was that anyone that passed the control codes 0xAA012044 and 0xAA013044 to this driver would be able to disable the SMEP (Supervisor Mode Execution Protection) kernel protection feature and take over the device. This is very much similar problem to what Sony did several years during a RootKit installion issue. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2998251/malware-cybercrime/sony-bmg-rootkit-scandal-10-years-later.html

Here is a brief recap of the CapCom Security Breach:

Game maker rolls back update

After some of the techies that discovered this flaw posted their findings on Reddit and caused a huge ruckus in the gaming community, on Friday, Capcom admitted its blunder and decided to roll back the shoddy update, ASAP.

  We are in the process of rolling back the security measures added to the PC version of Street Fighter V. After the rollback process to the PC version, all new content from the September update will still be available to players. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have an update on the time-frame for the PC rollback solution soon.  

A game update for Street Fighter V unwittingly opened a huge security hole on all Windows PCs it was installed, according to numerous complaints from users on Reddit.

Capcom, the game’s maker, issued an update to Street Fighter V on Thursday, announcing a brand new anti-cheat system.

Read more: http://news.softpedia.com/news/street-fighter-v-update-opens-backdoor-on-windows-pcs-508618.shtml

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