• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

OSE Firewall Updates – 2.2.1 through 2.2.5

Continued Fixes Plaguing OSE Firewall

Several weeks ago we encountered some major issues using the OSE Firewall plugin. See this post:

 Potential Plugin Issues OSE Firewall

In our commitment to bring you the most recent information we have also posted additional updated references for this plugin here:

Updated OSE Firewall

This now is our third update in a continuing saga that has been the most recent versions of OSE Firewall. Let”s take a look at some more changes for those who are using this plugin.

This post covers 5 updates since the last posting I made, they are listed below:


  • Fixed: further fix for some websites the administrator lists cannot be shown in the Admin-Email Mapping section.


  • Fixed: admin-email mapping delete function not working in some servers because the JSON encoded ID value is escaped
  • Fixed: admin-email mapping add linkage function showing incorrect return message even the linkage was added successfully


  • Fixed the admin-email mapping controller for the incorrect return messages for the Ajax message box.


  • Fixed some websites the administrator lists cannot be shown in the Admin-Email Mapping section.


  • Enhancement: Remove the HTML Purifier auro register function in order to solve the 500 error issue in some server.

As you can see, 5 out of 6 fixes all relate the the Admin Email mapping functionality. This one section had a considerable number of fixes that were corrected since the original posting I made in which the newest OSE firewall Version 2.0.0 was released.

This still makes me critical of why that original version was released when it was? If you are using this plugin still, consider keeping up with the support forum as it relates to this plugin.

WordPress.org OSE Support Page

Please don’t get me wrong, we love this plugin, the version 1.6.4. We also do understand the need to upgrade and continue to progress with the development of this plugin and we continue to offer our insight and services to the developer over at OSE.

We want this plugin to be a success, as it is one of the better Firewall plugins we have encountered.

We do however, still maintain an openly critical viewpoint when it comes to major product releases.

We know that not all products can be released without any bugs or problems. But as software developers ourselves, we would never have released a version with so many blatantly obvious issues as have become apparent since the version 2.0.0 was released.

Since the 2.0 release there have been 13 Version changes, moving from 2.0 up until the present 2.2.5 version listed in the WordPress Repository.

If you actually count the bugs by individual fixes the number comes out at 35 individual fixed. Now, this comes from experience, that when there are this many errors that have been fixed, there will always be more that have yet to be fixed.

We hate programming errors with a passion. Any programmer does. It takes a considerable amount of time and energy to scour through the coding to find issue after issue. Many times those issues are so slight that they may only show up ever 1 in a thousand tries. Not to mention that the fixes are almost never straight-forward and easily implemented.

And to the credit of OSE Dev team they have been doing a great job of fixing the issues that are being found. Which is why you see so many recent updates. 

I still find myself wishing that they had made a “beta release”, called it OSE FW 2 Beta, and told people to use at their own risk and to “preemptively ask for help” finding the bugs in the software.

If they had come out ahead of the curve, asked for help finding problems, then people would not have likely updated this plugin to live sites (because we all know some people do) and caused additional problems. This is why we recommend using a test site environment.

Product release dates should be flexible for a reason. This would have meant that the versions being worked on today would be a much smoother upgrade transition then they were several weeks ago.

I hope the OSE Firewall staff has learned a valuable programming lesson, don’t release products that are not ready. It only stands to hurt your production, take time away from other endeavors and hurt your reputations.

Derek Wood

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