• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Password-Free Technology Vendor LaunchKey Bought By Iovation

Iovation Password-Free Technology And WordPress

If you haven’t heard of Password-Free Technology or either Iovation or Launchkey, then you may want to brush up on whats going on in the Internet Security world.

Iovation is a leading authentication and fraud prevention company. Launchkey is a company that created Password-Free Technology for use with mobile devices.

Launchkey states:

Leverage your end user’s mobile device as a powerful authenticator for password-free login, 2-factor authentication (2FA), transaction approval, and more.

Setting up a smartphone or tablet as a LaunchKey-compatible authenticator takes less than a minute. Pairing is anonymous, and no personally identifying information is stored by the LaunchKey auth service. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely unpaired online, from another paired device, or via a systems or application administrator.

In essence, this API turns the end users device into their own security device for interaction with a host that is running the Launchkey API. This essentially makes the need for standard login credentials (username and password) a thing of the past.

Iovation has been winning awards for security features such as the  8th Annual 2016 Golden Bridge Awards® for “Best Two-Factor Authentication Innovation of the Year Award“.

Iovation has also been know to produce Industry leading White Papers like this one: 7 Ways Bots Hurt Your Website.

LaunchKey was founded in July 2012 and has raised $4 million in venture funding. Iovation, in business since 2004, has built out products and platforms to help reduce fraud online.

This recent purchase looks to combine the strengths of both companies into an online fraud prevention and authentication powerhouse. The combined company is building an integrated product called the Iovation LaunchKey MFA (multifactor authentication) platform that extends LaunchKey’s existing capabilities.

But what does this all mean to your WordPress Blog, well Launchkey co-founder Geoff Sanders states

“So with LaunchKey, we created an end-to-end, multifactor authentication and authorization platform. At a high-level, the platform includes an API that enables applications to push authorization requests to end users through their mobile devices.

Approximately a quarter of the internet runs WordPress; so, yes, we want to have a footprint there.

One of the use cases for LaunchKey today is with the open-source WordPress content management system. LaunchKey has a plug-in for WordPress that can help enable site administrators to deploy password-less multifactor authentication. WordPress is often also an entry point for developers to use LaunchKey/”

This could mean that in the future your users may be able to login to your WordPress blog with the Password-Free Technology in place. The realist in me is not entirely convinced whether or not to consider this a good change. A home computer that is Authenticated can still be used by other people. Over time if you are not typing in credentials you may simply forget you have a secured access point. Perhaps your kids might buy stuff or access something they should not, simply because a person gets complacent. Only time will tell

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