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Plugin Of The Week 10/14/2013 – User Switching

This weeks Plugin of The Week is an all time favorite of many users, especially admins. This is one of our favorite plugins and has become quite useful.

User Switching

WordPress Compatability: 3.1 – 3.6.1

Last Updated: 8-6-2013

Authors: John Blackbourn (johnbillion)

Average 5-Star Rating: 5


This is becoming a great addition to anyone who manages any WordPress websites. This handy plugin makes it easy to switch back and forth from Admin to a user account.


Here is a basic list of what this plugin does:


  • Switch users: Instantly switch to any user account from the Users screen.
  • Switch back: Instantly switch back to your originating account.
  • Switch off: Log out of your account but retain the ability to instantly switch back in again.
  • It’s completely secure (see the Security section below).
  • Compatible with WordPress, WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress.


We love this plugin for the fact that the developers kept security as a concern from the get go. Take a look:


  • Only users with the ability to edit other users can switch user accounts (by default this is only Administrators on single site installs, and Super Admins on Multisite installs). Lower level users cannot switch accounts.
  • User switching is protected with WordPress’ nonce security system, meaning only those who intend to switch users can switch.
  • Full support for administration over SSL (if applicable).
  • Passwords are not (and cannot be) revealed.


Many admins login as admins but still need to be able to work as users. This can be a great boon to posting, updating profiles or just verifying the user experience interfaces.


This plugin has received considerable positive reviews and it looks to be a long time keeper in any WordPress admins tool bag.


Grab the plugin from the WordPress.Org Repository here:


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