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Plugin Of The Week 10/21/2013 – Simple Copy Post

Using Templates For Common Post Types

The plugin of the the week post that we have been doing is a feature that we would like to keep doing each and every week. Since there is no shortage of plugins available to review, we think this should be easy enough to keep up as a feature.

Even then, we do like to make our lives a little easier, and this weeks plugin actually does just that.

Simple Copy Post Button

WordPress Compatability: 3.6.1

Last Updated: 8-27-2013

Authors: John Regan

Average 5-Star Rating: 3


If you have ever written a post within WordPress then you understand that even though the interface is quite intuitive there are sometimes a feature or two that you find lacking from such a great program as WordPress.


Like the simple ability to copy a post.


Not sure why it is not a standard feature, but this plugin solves that problem.


Below is the Author’s specifications for this Simple Copy Post Button:


This plugin adds a simple button to the post editor screen which allows editors to duplicate posts quickly and easily. It’s so simple that no configuration is necessary!



  • Copies with just one click!
  • Make duplicates from the List or Edit Post view
  • No configuration needed
  • Works for all Post Types
  • Integrates seamlessly with the WordPress UI
  • Extremely lightweight (~8KB)
  • Thorough Documentation

If you are doing a routine feature like our POTW, then this one plugin will make a difference to you when doing your posts. How we have implemented such a simple plugin is by creating a page template post.


Using a singular template post we created having the sections for the POTW that we want to make sure are entered, such as the header title, the plugin information basics, and any formatting to the post.


This means that each week we simply copy our template post and can get to work writing the post. This prevents us from having to do a lot of copy and pasting each week. A real time saver for even just one post per week.


With only a few hundred downloads at the time of this post, this to us is one of those undervalued and often missed plugins. We hope you find it useful and give it consideration for addition to your WordPress installs.


Grab the plugin from the WordPress.Org Repository here:


Derek Wood

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