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Plugin Of The Week 9/30/2013 – ARYO Activity Log

One thing we find as WordPress Site developers is the use of plugins can become quite daunting and overly complex at times. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, which is one of the greatest features of WordPress, but also one of it’s downfalls.

In order to help our users manage their site, we like to review plugins from time to time and let you know how well we like or dislike them.

This being the first time we have posted a “POTW” (Plugin of the Week) post, we felt we would list one of our favorite, yet extremely simple plugins.

ARYO Activity Log

WordPress Compatability: 3.5 – 3.6.1

Last Updated: 9-29-2013

Authors: Yakir SitbonArielKMaor Chasen

Average 5-Star Rating: 4.8


This is a pretty simple yet quite effective plugin  for keeping track of what your admins and users do on your sites.


Why do you care what the admin does? Well for any number of reasons:

  1. Making sure your admins are doing work
  2. knowing what changes have been make to the system
  3. keeping track of plugin changes / activations / removals
  4. Keeping records of who created / edited posts
  6. keeping track of theme edits
  7. tracking widgets, option updates, menu changes, and more…


This plugin is currently listed to work with WordPress 3.6.1 as of the most recent update which was 9-29-2013.


There is one setting in the entire plugin, and that is how long you want to keep the log file for. There are several time frames ranging from 30 days to indefinite.


We like this plugin for it’s simplicity and its functionality. As admins it is helpful to have a log of changes that have been made on a regular basis. This becomes helpful should a problem arise with the site after settings or plugins were changed.


Imagine having to do several plugin updates at once, which happens all the time with WordPress plugins, and not knowing which ones you changed a week ago. Well now you can keep track of all those things you have been doing.


From an end user or site owner perspective, it is nice to know that your admins are actively doing stuff, as well as your users. This plugin keeps track of user post creation, edits, and updates.


This can be helpful if for instance you have guest or paid bloggers. Now you will know if they are actively posting to your site. In addition, the plugin tracks the IP address of hte user who is posting, which means you will know if your users are supposed to be posting from those locations.


Not to go all “Big Brother” on you, but I would like to know if my Admins located in the U.S.A. are suddenly posting from a Chinese IP Address. This makes this an additional tool to anyone who is security conscious, which we are.


I hope the developers continue to work on this plugin in the future as there is quite a bit more potential for the growth of this plugin. Good work guys and hope to see what you come up with in the future.


Grab the plugin from the WordPress.Org Repository here:



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