• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Plugin Update – WP SlimStat and SlimStat DashBoard Widgets

One of the nicer stats plugins that we like to use is the SlimStat collection. (Plugin Of The Week – 10/28/2013 – WP SlimStat). We feel the plugin is a better stats package then you might get with other plugins such as Jetpack. It also has considerably less overhead then using JetPack. In order to take full advantage of plugin features make sure to update your plugins regularly. With that in mind, please check out the recent updates of the Slim Stat plugin and the Slim Stat Dashboard Widgets.

WP SlimStat

  • Version: 3.4.2
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 11/17/2013
  • Requires WordPress Version:3.2 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.7.1


  • [New] Three new reports give you detailed information about your rankings (Google, Facebook, Alexa), your content and your site’s security.
  • [Update] Complete Russian Localization (thank you, Vitaly!)
  • [Update] Top Browsers now groups browsers by name, if the user agent string is not enabled/displayed (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] Much improved language detection and localization (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] By default only admins can now see the stats (minimum capability to view: activate_plugins).
  • [Update] Removed unused languages from the dictionary (who is using operating systems in Herero, Igbo, Hiri Motu, Church Slavic anyway?)
  • [Update] Optimized code to manage the plugin’s options (removed unnecessary db interactions)
  • [Update] World Map (AmMap) updated to version 3.7
  • [Update] MaxMind / Geolocation database updated to November 2013
  • [Update] Consolidated reports and improved performance on Overview tab
  • [Fix] Bug in converting some IP addresses to long integers (thank you, tkleinsteuber)
  • [Fix] Some PHP warnings about undefined variables

Make sure if you are using SlimStat and the Dashboard widgets pack (or other addons) to update those as well.

WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets

  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 11/17/2013
  • Requires WordPress Version:3.1 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.7.1


  • Dashboard Widgets now honor your global WP SlimStat permission settings (who can view your reports)


  • Fixed: now compatible with the latest version of SlimStat


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