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Plugin Update – Yoast SEO 3.6.0 Installation Wizard

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Yoast SEO Installation Wizard Hits WordPress

The newest Feature to come from Team Yoast is the Yoast SEO Installation Wizard. This is a 10 step installation guide that walks a user through the most common settings needed for the Yoast SEO plugin. Users will continue to add and update the plugin as normal, however you will now see a new button located on “General Tab” of the Yoast SEO plugin dashboard.

yoast seo plugin dashboard general tab image

Once you have clicked this button you will be brought to a welcome page with the banner seen at the top of this post. You are given the option to signup for the Yoast Seo Plugin newsletter.

From here you will be looking at ten steps until you are finished installing the Yoast SEO plugin. The ten steps for the Yoast SEO Installation Wizard are listed below:

  1. Welcome
  2. Environment
  3. Site Type
  4. Company Or Person
  5. Social Profiles
  6. Post Type Visibility
  7. Multiple Authors
  8. Google Search Console
  9. Title Settings
  10. Success


Lets Look at each section Individually.

Yoast SEO Installation Wizard

yoast seo installation wizard welcome page imageWelcome Page

Pretty basic welcome page. Includes the options for users to grab the pro version for free if you sign up for the Yoast SEO configuration service.

Setting up Yoast SEO Premium can be a daunting task if you’re not into the ins and outs of SEO. Although we try to make it as simple as possible, we do realize that it might not be “for you”. Which is why we offer the Yoast SEO configuration service. We’ll set up Yoast SEO Premium for you and make sure it has the correct settings for your site!

The Yoast SEO installation and configuration cost is $149 per single site setup and goes up from there depending on how many sites you have.

You can also check out their long-standing post on setting up your Yoast SEO Plugin here.


yoast seo environment installation wizard page imageEnvironment Page

Three simple options: (choose one that fits your needs)


installation wizard site type page yoast seo plugin imageSite Type Page

What kind of site is your website going to be (again, just pick one that fits best)?

  • Blog
  • Webshop
  • News site
  • Small business site
  • Other corporate site
  • Other personal site


yaost seo company page installation wizard imageCompany Or Person Page

This data is shown as metadata in your site. It is intended to appear in Google’s Knowledge Graph. You can be either a company, or a person, choose either:

  • Company
  • Person

Depending on your choice the page will give you more options: Company will ask you for company name and company logo and individual will just ask for your name.


yoast social profile page seo install wizard imageSocial Profiles Page

This page will ask you to enter any of your available social profile links. If you are not sure the format (as it does not specifically mention it), assume that it will be the basic user account link you would get from your social account settings info.

There are 8 social profiles listed:

  • Facebook Page URL
  • Twitter Username
  • Instagram URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • MySpace URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Google+ URL


yoast seo post type page for the installation wizardPost Type Visibility Page

Specify the visibility setting for all of your current post types listed within your WordPress blog.

There are several default values, such as:

  • post
  • pages
  • media

If you have custom post types such as:

  • affiliate posts
  • library

Or anything else, then they should show up here. Bear in mind that many plugins will use custom post types within your WordPress blog in order to manage their functionality. Many of those post types may normally be hidden from either the user or Google. If you wish to change that behavior this can allow you to do that.


yoast_seo_multiple_author_installation_wizard_pageMultiple Authors Page

Pretty straight forward, just answer whether or not your site is planning on having more then one author.


google search auth console page for yoast install wizardGoogle Search Console Page

To allow Yoast SEO to fetch your Google Search Console information, please enter your Google Authorization Code.

Click the button and open a new windows which brings you directly to a Google login (if not already logged in) so that you can easily grab the Google Authorization code for your website.

This is easy enough to do and really should be done.


yoast seo installation wizard titles settings page imageTitle Settings Page

Another relatively straight forward page. Enter your sites name as you want Google to see it.

Google shows your website’s name in the search results, if you want to change it, you can do that here.

Choose the symbol to use as your title separator. This will display, for instance, between your post title and site name. Symbols are shown in the size they’ll appear in the search results.


success page for yaost seo installation wizard walkthroughSuccess Page

Finally, the successful completion page.

Yoast has included a video on this page as well, but you’ll have to go through it to see it. 🙂



Yoast SEO

Version: 3.6.0
Author: Team Yoast
Last Updated: 9/27/2016
Requires: 4.3+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Average 5-Star Rating: 4


Release Date: September 27th, 2016

  • Enhancements:
    • Introduces the installation wizard that enables an easy way of setting up Yoast SEO. The installation wizard enables you to:
      • Newsletter signup.
      • Specify the environment in which a site is running.
      • Specify the type of a site.
      • Specify a company or person for the metadata used in Google’s Knowledge Graph.
      • Specify social profiles.
      • Specify post type visibility.
      • Specify if you have multiple authors.
      • Setup Google Search Console.
      • Setup the title settings.
    • The installation wizard replaces the tour.
    • Adds a notification to the Yoast notification center to start the onboarding wizard.
    • Adds a button on the general settings page to start the onboarding wizard.
    • Adds a premium tab to the metabox.
    • Introduces a feature toggles tab on the Yoast SEO dashboard where users can enable/disable certain features.
      • New: Enable/disable the advanced settings pages.
      • New: Enable/disable the Yoast SEO admin bar menu. Added after receiving feedback from multiple users who wanted this option.
      • Moved: Enable/disable The OnPage.org integration.
    • Removes the tour. With the help center available on every Yoast SEO page or section and the new installation wizard, there was no real usecase for the tour anymore.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes sorting the table in sitemaps.
    • Fixes a bug where keywords with a $ where not recognized.


What did the Yoast SEO Installation Wizard Accomplish?

The true question I have now is: what exactly has it done to setup the plugin? At no point in the 10 pages does it really give you any true indication of what it is doing other then the most basic of functionality. After ten pages you have barely entered anything.

In fact, if I remember correctly only the Environment page, Site type page, and Person or company pages even forced me to pick an option while most of the remaining pages had default information available.

Also, without knowing how each option triggers for setting differences, it would be difficult to know what, if any impact, any setting actually had. One would think that many of these settings could simply have been chosen as a default value during the plugin installation itself.

At this point it is unclear if this is simply a waste of time or not. Personally, with the power of PHP and WordPress, why not show us the values that are going to be altered or setup on the fly during the  process. I think that would give a better understanding of why the Yoast SEO installation wizard is even of any use to the end user.


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