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Automatically Send Posts To Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Promoting your website can be a daunting and tedious task for even the best of marketers. Many people look to outsource the bulk of their social media exposure, but what about those who are just getting started or simply do not have the budget for massive social campaigns?

Consider using this plugin to spread the word for your blog.


NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

The Social Network Auto Poster plugin from NextScript is an extremely useful plugin for those who want to get social media exposure but either don’t have the time or the money to screw around with it.

This one plugin can post to dozens (if not hundreds) of social sites for you automatically. If that were this plugin’s only feature I would still use it, but it has a ton of other great features, such as:

  • auto reposting of old content
  • post to social networks without making a WordPress post at all
  • test posts to make sure working properly
  • works with these networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, Flipboard, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(VK.com), YouTube, App.net, Scoop.It, WordPress

  • auto import comments FROM social sites
  • image posting
  • Bit.ly support for linking
  • spinnable formatting for uniqueness of post
  • much more….

We reviewed thi splugin once before in this post:

Auto-Poster Plugin Automatically Re-publishes Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and More

At that time the plugin was on version 3.0.9 but has undergone many new updates since last year. Recent updates to the plugin include performance and memory fixes as well as many new networks.

The authors have been doing quite a lot of work on this plugin and it just barely missed a spot as our Plugin of the Week last year. We will take another look at this plugin as a potential for POTW when the new expected version 4 comes out sometime hopefully in 2015.

We love this plugin and have had nothing but a wonderful experience with it. In the future we may even do some tutorial videos on the setup and use of this Auto-poster.

Additional features exclusively available within Social Network Auto-Poster (SNAP) Pro.

  • Ability to configure more then one account for each social network (multiple Facebook for example)
  • Ability to make Scheduled and Delayed postings
  • Auto-repost existing random posts from from specific dates or “older then N days and younger then X days”.
  • Limit random or one-by-one auto-reposting for specific days of the week and times. (like Monday-Friday from 8AM to 7PM Only)
  • Advanced Autoposting to Blogger
  • [Limited Time Only – included for free] ($49/year value) SNAP Universal API (Run-time Only). This adds autoposting to Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn Company Pages, Reddit, Flipboard, YouTube


  • Version: 3.4.4
  • Author: Next Scripts
  • Last Updated: 11-18-2014
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.4 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 4.0.0
  • Average 5-star Rating: 4.3


3.4.4 [11/17/2014]

  • New – New network “XING”. Post text messages or share links to your personal account.
  • Improvement – Performance and memory usage improvement
  • Bug Fix – [Diigo] “301” error message has been fixed.

3.4.3 [09/17/2014]

  • Improvement – Full WordPress 4.0 compatibility including fixed for all “depreciated” notices.
  • Improvement – Better handling of Twitter characters limit.
  • New – %CT-CustomTaxonomy% tag (Twitter only for now)
  • Bug Fix – “Verify Featured Image” checkbox in the settings tab was not working along with functionality it should turn on.
  • Bug Fix – “Filter posts by tags” was broken.
  • Bug Fix – “Filter posts by categories” was not working in some environments involving third party automated posts or scheduled posts
  • Bug Fix – “Incorrect import file” message when importing previously exported file. (Actual problem was with “Export”)
  • Bug Fix – Duplicate “Update Settings” button.
  • Bug Fix – [LinkedIn] ugly error messages.
  • Bug Fix – [Plurk] – missing token error.

3.4.2 [07/16/2014]

  • Bug Fix – Fix for Broken Visual Editor. TinyMCE 4.0 compatibility broke earlier TinyMCE versions.

3.4.1 [07/16/2014]

  • New – New network “Kippt”. Post your blogpost links to your Kippt Lists.
  • Improvement – Full PHP 5.5 compatibility including fixed for all “depreciated” notices.
  • Improvement – Full WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4.0 compatibility including fixed for all “depreciated” notices.
  • Bug Fix – Checkboxes/Radiobuttons got incorrectly unchecked
  • Bug Fix – [Facebook] Fix for “Please make sure your redirect_uri is identical to the one you used in the OAuth dialog request” problem.
  • Bug Fix – [Facebook] Fix for posting to boards with international characters in URL.
  • Bug Fix – [Facebook] “Unsupported post request” error.
  • Bug Fix – [Facebook] Broken ability to post to the hidden groups.
  • Bug Fix – [Blogger] “Incorrect JSON” error.
  • Bug Fix – [Pinterest] Invalid log entry. “TEST”.
  • Bug Fix – [Twitter] Wrong codes (like —).
  • Bug Fix – [VK] Better support for phone verification.
  • Bug Fix – [SETT] Fix for “Please make sure your redirect_uri is identical to the one you used in the OAuth dialog request” problem.
  • Bug Fix – If you put 4 minutes in the dropdown for the Posting Delay, it returns 45 minutes.

3.3.9 [06/06/2014]

  • New – New tag %ORID% – will insert wordpress post ID.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – [Flickr] Fix for empty error message problem.
  • Bug Fix – [LinkedIn] Fix for some connection issues when URL has special chars.
  • Bug Fix – [Pinterest] Fix for posting to boards with international characters in URL.

3.3.8 [05/30/2014]

  • Improvement/Bug Fix – [Flickr] Fix for “SSL is required” problem.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Compatibility with “Page Builder” plugin.
  • Bug Fix – [LinkedIn] Fix for impossible captcha authorization.
  • Bug Fix – [LinkedIn] Fix for huge array message.
  • Bug Fix – [Pinterest] Fix for incorrect links to created pins
  • Bug Fix – [Plurk] Better error handling. No more empty error messages.
  • Bug Fix – [DeviantArt] Better error handling. No more empty error messages.
  • Bug Fix – [FriendFeed] No more ugly messages during the post.

3.3.7 [05/09/2014]

  • [Critical] Googd news! Facebook backed down on app review requirement. You no longer need to submit your app for review. This version revises this. Please see full story here:http://www.nextscripts.com/known-issues/facebook-issues
  • Bug Fix – Debug Facebook URL message has been removed.

3.3.6 [05/09/2014]

  • [Critical] Bug Fix – Facebook – Facebook API 2.0 Compatibility. Please see here: http://www.nextscripts.com/known-issues/facebook-issues
  • Improvement – Compatibility to up to WordPress 3.9.1.
  • Improvement – Added support for Twitter multiline posts.
  • Improvement – Twitter – Better 140 characters cut if a lot of tags used.
  • Bug Fix – Contributors can’t submit posts for review.
  • Bug Fix – app.net authorization issues. (like “Please contact the website that sent you here and let them know that there is a problem with the authorization URL”)
  • Bug Fix – DeviantArt connection problems.
  • Bug Fix – Delicious connection problems.
  • Bug Fix – Delicious broken tags.

3.3.4 [04/11/2014]

  • Bug Fix – LinkedIn troubles with entering captcha
  • Bug Fix – LinkedIn “Array – Array” Error
  • Bug Fix – Plurk “Array” message removed
  • Bug Fix – LiveJournal “Array” message removed
  • Bug Fix – Sett error “You need to enter a name and email address”
  • Bug Fix – Twitter “over 140 characters” error when too many tags are used.

3.3.3 [04/07/2014]

  • Bug Fix/Improvement – Connection to Facebook has been updated to comply with new requirements. This will fix all “(#100) Tried accessing unexisting field (access_token) on node type (User)” errors.

3.3.2 [04/02/2014]

  • New – New network “SETT”. Post your blogposts to your Sett Blog.
  • Bug Fix – LinkedIn Connection issues.
  • Bug Fix – Entries like nxs_snap_sh_ have been removed from “Custom Fields” list
  • Bug Fix – Many minor bugs.

3.3.1 [03/12/2014]

  • New/Improvement – More advanced auto-reposting configuration. You can now control what should happen when it’s finished. You can turn it of, keep it in waiting mode, or reset and auto-start from the beginning.
  • Improvement – Flipboard is now able so set custom URL for autoposting.
  • Bug Fix – API message after the tumblr post has been removed.
  • Bug Fix – Cron check could produce inconclusive results.

3.3.0 [03/06/2014]

  • New – New network “Flipboard”. Post your links to your magazine.
  • Improvement – A lot of code, error handling and interface optimizations and improvements.
  • Improvement – Plugin is not using 47kb of official Facebook API for PHP anymore. Facabook autoposting is now more stable and faster.
  • Improvement – Auto-Reposting functionality will be disabled if WP Cron is not configured correctly.
  • Improvement – Plugin show how many posts is included in auto-reposting on the settings page.
  • Bug Fix – Many bug fixes and improvements to the “Auto-Reposting” and “Posts from Query” functionality.
  • Bug Fix – Checkboxes with selected categories were not saving correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Google+ – custom URL postings were incorrect.
  • Bug Fix – Tumblr is now working “New Post to Social Networks”

3.2.3 [02/07/2014]

  • Improvement – More networks show the links to the created posts in the log.
  • Bug Fix – Flickr was missing from the “add new network” list
  • Bug Fix – Reddit failed to retrieve reddits with “Moderation” rights.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed(removed) an ability for super admin to disable himself for WPMU installations.
  • Bug Fix – Twitter – %ANOUNCE% tag was causing message to go over 140 characters.

3.2.2 [02/05/2014]

  • New – New network “Flickr”. Post your images to your photostream and/or sets. Tags are supported.
  • Improvement – Some networks show the links to the created posts in the log.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Compatibility with plugins that hijack all requests with the word ‘ajax’.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Compatibility with custom “post transition” statuses.
  • Bug Fix – Google+ – Fixed additional URL parameters.
  • Bug Fix – “New Post to social networks” fixed problem with ” become \”
  • Bug Fix – “New Post to social networks” link is visible only to people who can use SNAP.
  • Bug Fix – Broken tabs and “-1” messages on WPMU installations.

3.2.1 [01/30/2014]

  • [Critical] Bug Fix – Facebook module could overwrite post type to “Text Only” for existing posts.
  • New – New Post to social networks without creating WordPress post link is now in the top “New” menu.
  • Bug Fix – fixed link [Enabled/Disabled for Repost according to Categories/Tags/Taxonomies filters] (yes, again)

3.2.0 [01/29/2014]

  • New – Post to social networks without creating WordPress post.
  • New – New network “Scoop.It”. Make text posts, link posts, or image posts. Post with tags.
  • New – New LinkedIn Showcase pages are supported. (Pro Only)
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – New interface for checkboxes for networks with excluded categories.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – %EXCERPT% tags won’t cut the actual excerpt to 300 characters anymore.
  • Bug Fix – fized link [Enabled/Disabled for Repost according to Categories/Tags/Taxonomies filters]
  • Bug Fix – Stability improvements to re-posting functionality.

3.1.2 [01/15/2014]

  • [Critical] Bug Fix – [ERROR] (#100) actions should be a JSON-encoded dictionary with ‘name’ and ‘link’ keys
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Plugin will import all comments from Facebook posts, not just the first 100.
  • Bug Fix – Plugin were re-posting the same “Sticky” post in some configurations.

3.1.1 [01/14/2014]

  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Update for Jan 14 Twitter API change – requirement for ONLY secured SSL connections
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Better compatibility with some WP Admin themes – like fixed missing “Update Settings” button
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Stability improvements and better error handling for WordPress based sites.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Some fixes, improvements and optimizations to the re-posting functionality.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – More clear interface for category filters.
  • Bug Fix – Missing Twitter image on servers without proper “Content-Length” header
  • Bug Fix – Duplicate categories filter for Twitter has been removed.
  • Bug Fix – vBulletin module optimization and better error handling.
  • Bug Fix – General options were getting overwritten by post options in some configurations.
  • Bug Fix – Memory limit problem for servers with more then 1GB of allowed for PHP memory.

3.1.0 [12/12/2013]

  • New – WordPress 3.8 Compatibility
  • New – New Ajax based settings page – 7 times lighter and faster.
  • New – Filter autoposting by tags and custom taxonomies.
  • New – Ability to set all posts “Enabled/Disabled for repost” according to the Categories/Tags/Custom Taxonomies filters
  • Improvement – Performance/compatibility improvement with latest LastPass extension.
  • Improvement – Better compatibility with SSL.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – HTML tags and shortcodes are now removed from Facebook attached titles.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – Compatibility with new LinkedIn security feature “We just sent you the code”.
  • Bug Fix – Facebook – wrong image was selected for “Image” posts in some configurations.
  • Bug Fix – broken reposting if “Newer then XX Days” value is too big.
  • Bug Fix – FriendFeed was ignoring message format and posting checkbox.
  • Bug Fix – Incorrect display of “Time to Post” for scheduled posts.
  • Bug Fix – incorrect “Autopost Cancelled” messages.



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