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Plugin Updates – WP SlimStat and WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets

Another Update From Our Favorite Stats Plugin Author

Statistics can be one of the best methods of understanding your visitors and we like to use the SlimStat plugins to help us do just that. This plugin was picked as our Plugin Of The Week back on 10/28/2013 – WP SlimStat.

The plugin author works diligently to keep this plugin updated, so much in fact that we actually missed an entire section of the changelog from Version 3.5 until version 3.7. (oops, our bad). We will check with the plugin author to see if we can get a copy of that changelog.

Here are several of the previous posts regarding SlimStat just in case you missed them.

We continue to enjoy this combination of SlimStat and the Dashboard Widgets. We find them easy to use, extremely functional and quite helpful to the process of managing our websites. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these other user reviews:

Oct 27, 2012  Knowing your traffic sources at your WordPress site is absolutely vital if you want to succeed at having a business or a blog.
I am using it to kick Jetpack out of all the wordpress installations that I manage for myself and others – robertwagnervt; I like Slimstat very much and so I decided …
I use a free plugin called WP SlimStat to displays stats in my WP Admin area and why you should too.


WP SlimStat

  • Version: 3.8.5
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 12-01-2014
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.8 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 4.0.1
  • Average 5-Star Rating: 4.8



  • [Update] Show notices only to admin users (thank you, thisismyway)
  • [Fix] The javascript tracker had been changed to deal with popup blocker issues, but the new code was causing even more problems to other people. Implemented a synchronous solution to make everybody happy! (thank you, bishoph)


  • [New] You can now archive old pageviews, instead of deleting them
  • [Update] Code optimizations to the Javascript tracker (and a bugfix – thank you, themadproducer)
  • [Fix] Fixed a corrupted browscap data file (thank you, crzyhrse)
  • [Fix] Do not refresh the Real-Time log if a date filter is set (thank you, asylum119)


  • [Update] Browscap v5035 – November 4, 2014 (this should fix all the issues with recent Firefox versions)
  • [Fix] The originating IP address was not being ignored, if it was the same as the IP address (thank you, morcom)
  • [Fix] Visits in map were not correctly displayed (thank you, psn)


  • [New] You can now load, save and delete filters (or “goal conversions”, in Google’s terminology). Please test this new functionality and let us know if you find any bugs!
  • [Update] Added new WordPress filter hooks to initialize the arrays storing the data about the pageview (thank you, Tayyab)
  • [Update] AmMap version 3.11.3
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2014-11-05)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting links opening in a new tab/window (target=_blank). Our thanks go to all the users who helped us troubleshoot the issue!
  • [Fix] Backward compatibility of new date/time filters with old ones
  • [Fix] Issue with counters on Posts/Pages screen (thank you, vaguiners)
  • [Fix] Warning about undefined array index in date/time filters (thank you, Chris)
  • [Fix] Some tooltips were being displayed outside of the browser viewport (thank you, Vitaly)


  • It was only released on Github to solve a critical bug affecting external links


  • [New] We increased the filter granularity to the minute, so that now you can see who visited your website between 9 am and 10.34 am (thank you, berserk77)
  • [New] If admin is served over HTTPS but IP lookup service is not, don’t use inline overlay dialog (thank you, 509tyler)
  • [Update] Javascript libraries: qTip v2.2.1 and SlimScroll 1.3.3
  • [Fix] Outbound links from within the admin were not tracked as expected (thank you mobilemindtech)
  • [Fix] Firewall Fix add-on was not tracking the originating ip’s country as expected (thank you, JeanLuc)


  • [Fix] Some plugins are not considerate of the shared environment they use, and don’t return data in the right format 😉 We added some extra code to make sure the data Slimstat needs is of the correct type (thank you, p30m)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issue with our Firewall Fix add-on


  • [Fix] Issue with menus when displayed in the admin bar (thank you all the users who pointed this out)


  • [Note] A few people have asked us why they don’t see the search keywords anymore, for the traffic coming from Google. Blame the NSA, Prism and… your government 😉 Read more here
  • [New] Slimstat now tracks server latency and page performance. Please be patient the first time you load the reports: the database is being upgraded to store this new info!
  • [New] Date and time formatting is now independent from the one used by WordPress
  • [Update] Autopurge is now disabled by default on new installs, since people have had issues with losing old data by mistake
  • [Update] Russian Localization (thank you, Vitaly)
  • [Update] Real-Time Log legend has been moved to the top, for easy access (thank you, scruffy1)
  • [Fix] Visit ID were not being tracked if FORCE_SSL_ADMIN was enabled in wp_config, when the site was served over HTTP (thank you, Pepe)


  • [New] Added operator BETWEEN, to express filters like “country code BETWEEN f,g” and get reports for France and Ghana but not for Portugal. Or something like “screen resolution BETWEEN 1000,1300” to get data for visitors whose screen width is at least 1000 px and no more than 1300 px. Separate the two values in the range with a comma.
  • [New] A premium add-on to track all the cookies associated with the domain
  • [New] Notes regarding a specific pageview are now accessible under the Real-Time Log (little note/pencil icon next to the list of browser extensions). This will allow you to know things like prefetch requests, user id, spam, etc. If you have the Track Cookies add-on, here you will also find all the information about each user’s cookies
  • [Fix] Counter on Posts and Pages screens was not working as expected
  • [Fix] Color-coded visits in the Real-Time log were not displayed correctly (thank you, Vitaly)


  • [Note] Our Reports API (wp-slimstat-reports.php) does not extend wp-slimstat-admin anymore, for extra flexibility in building third-party solutions
  • [New] Added support for generating email reports
  • [Update] MaxMind’s IP Database has been updated to the latest version (2014-09-04)
  • [Fix] Some settings could not be turned off, because of the Network Settings functionality (thank you, LeonardShelby)


  • [New] Japanese localization added (thank you, h_a_l_f)
  • [New] Added support for SOV Languages (thank you, h_a_l_f)
  • [New] Added support for our Network Settings premium add-on
  • [Update] All the icons used in the admin are now optimized (thank you, scruffy1)
  • [Fix] Introduced some code optimizations (browser detection) that will solve the slow response time once and for all!
  • [Fix] Add-ons page was not accessible if menu was attached to the Admin Bar (thank you, h_a_l_f)


WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets

  • Version: 3.1.7
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 05-04-2014
  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.1 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.8.3
  • Average 5-Star Rating: 5



  • Fixed bug with Async Mode (thank you, chrisl27)


  • Updated compatibility with WP SlimStat 3.6


  • Fixed warning when admin is served over HTTPS


  • Updated source code to work with new DB Library (WP SlimStat 3.5.2)


Derek Wood

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