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Plugin of the Week – 10/21/2016 – Server IP & Memory Usage Display

Server IP & Memory Usage Display

Simple Plugin To Show Memory Usage Display On Your Admin Footer

This is likely to be the smallest plugin I have ever picked for a POTW. but it can come in quite handy to those who debug their systems or users who are hosting sites on shared servers.

This one little plugin simply shows the total memory, used memory, percentage of used memory, WP memory limit, the IP address and the PHP version in the admins footer.

Here is a sample from a test site:

Server IP & Memory Usage Display

This data from a sample test site on a shared server give you a good example of how to see where your sites system resources might be lacking.  Currently the test site only has a memory limit at 128 MB.  Definitely something to look at changing in the future. At a glance you can also see that a simply test site is also using up almost half of the available memory.

An interesting note is the memory used is roughly 73 MB of 192 MB but the WP limit is 128MB. These are settings that can be handled by the WP Config file (see this plugin for more wp config file options).

So even though the test server has 192 MB of memory available, the WP config file directive WP_MEMORY_LIMIT is set to only allow for WordPress to use 128 MB of it. Leaving some in reserve for the server in the event WordPress decides to take it all.


Server IP & Memory Usage Display

Version: 1.3.3
Author: Apasionados, Apasionados del Marketing
Last Updated: 8/25/2016
Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Average 5-Star Rating: 5 

From the Author:

1) You can easily see in the admin footer the IP where this WordPress installation is running. Very useful if you have many WordPress installations across several servers and IP addresses.

2) The memory usage and total available memory to the WordPress installation is shown in the admin footer. If memory usage is over 75% the percentage is shown in a light red and if the memory usage is over 90% the percentage is shown in red. So you can always control with one look if there is enough memory available or if action has to be taken. It also displays the WordPress memory limit to give you more information.

3) Besides the IP address and the memory you can also see the PHP version and the type of Operating System where it’s running.


The authors of this plugin have been quite on top of any issues that have arisen. There at present is not a single open ticket within the WordPress  support forum. As it is not a large plugin we would hope there should not be any large issues, but it is quite nice all the same to see a plugin author staying ahead of the game.

While using the Server IP & Memory Usage Display plugin is by far one of the easiest plugins in the WordPress Community you will ever see, it has become a very useful tool for providing the admin useful information at a glance. We keep it among our favorite WP admin tools.


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