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Plugin of the Week – 10/28/2016 – WP Server Stats

wp server stats Monitor your WordPress site

Monitor Your WP Server Stats In Real Time

wp server stats admin widgetLast weeks plugin of the week was a small server and memory plugin, but this weeks WP Server Stats plugin takes monitoring your server stats to another level.

If you have ever wondered what the core server your WordPress is installed upon is really up to then consider taking a look at this plugin.

This server plugin monitors many important aspects of your server that should be of at least minor interest to any WordPress administrator.

The short version is that this plugins monotors a ton of information related to your server and hosting environment. This includes such things as:

  • Server Overview (seen in the image to the right)
    • server OS
    • server software
    • the server IP address
    • server port
    • server location
    • server hostname
    • server document root
  • Database Info
    • DB Software
    • Version Info
    • Max Connectiona
    • Usage Info


wp server stats dashboard widget 2If this information was all there was to see it would easily out perform last weeks POTW by a long-shot. But that is only one half of the admin’s dashboard widget for this plugin.

Seen over here to the right is other half of the dashboard widget, which includes a ton of other great information that you should have for your server.

In this second half you will see there is the basic most often needed to know information about your php setup. This includes:

  • PHP Version
  • Max Upload size
  • Max Post Size
  • PHP Max Execution
  • PHP Safe Mode
  • PHP Memory Limits
  • PHP Memory Usage (in real time)

Below that is the ever counter server up-time clock. As you can see from the information from one of my test sites the server has been online for the last 116 days as of the taking of this image. Not to bad if I do say so myself.

In addition to the basic information here, the WP Server Stats plugins also has a few other pages of detailed information. This detailed information covers much more then the average user might need to care about but becomes very useful to a WordPress site administrator.

wp server stats main settings page

There is just one setting screen for the WP Server Stats plugin. I found that you likely will not need to alter any of these settings but may alter depending upon your preferences.

The only other two pages are designated for the two buttons lists on the admin dashboard of the wp server stats plugin. These pages each offer a considerable amount of data, several screens worth of scrolling.

At first glance I found this to be almost too much information, again depending on your skill set, technical expertise or what your plans are.

As a programmer, if your plan is to work on building WordPress themes or plugins then you may need to know exactly what packages are installed.



This plugin uses PHP shell_exec() function which is by default enabled by all good hosting companies. But a small percentage of hosting company disable shell_exec() by default. So, please contact your hosting company to make sure shell_exec() is enabled in your account before installing this plugin. Otherwise you will get an ERROR Code EXEC096T for every feature that uses shell_exec().


WP Server Stats

Version: 1.4.6
Author: iSaumya
Last Updated: 11/2/2016
Requires: 3.2+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Average 5-Star Rating: 5

From The Author:

WP Server Stats plugin will give you the ability to monitor your WordPress site at it’s core level. With all most important server stats like allocated memory, real time memory & CPU usage etc. you can always identify if something wrong is going on with your site.

While the list of items the WP Server Stats plugins shows is quite extensive, as I stated above you just may not need them. Even then this is about the only flaw I could really see for this plugin. With a 5-star rating and only 5 technical support topics over the last few months it looks like the author has dialed this one in just nicely.

Overall I found the information provided by the WP Server Stats plugin to be useful and quite nice and tidy being output to the main dashboard. Simply install this plugin and head over to your dashboard. Your pretty much done.


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