• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

As expected there are some more updates coming for the SlimStat Plugin. There was a recent major update to the SlimStat plugin and this is usually followed by at least a handful of bug fixes and tweaks and these are common.

With that in mind, make sure you grab this quick update which fixes several bugs.

WP SlimStat

  • Version: 3.5.1
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 12/30/2013
  • Requires WordPress Version:3.8 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.8



  • [Note] We got quite a lot of feedback about the new interface. Thank you for speaking up (yes, I’m looking at you, Romain and dFactory)!
  • [Note] Please make sure to clear your browser cache, if your reports look all messy and broken!
  • [New] You can now reload the World Map without reloading the entire page.
  • [Update] Colors now adapt to the admin color scheme currently active (thank you, dFactory).
  • [Update] Added new responsive layout for very large screens (width > 1440px).
  • [Update] Say hi to our own Icon Font Set, which replaces all the png icons we were using before (courtesy of Fontello, thank you,dFactory).
  • [Update] A new World Flags icon set makes things look even more consistent
  • [Update] Chart Tooltips are back!
  • [Update] RTL Support is being added to the CSS
  • [Update] FAQs have been updated to match the new Settings screens.
  • [Update] flot plotting library updated to version 0.8.2 stable
  • [Fix] The Add-ons Settings page was not rendering properly (thank you, Alexander et al.).
  • [Fix] The author filter was not working properly (thank you, advertisingtech)
  • [Fix] Bug with the new Currently Online report (it was honiring date filters, which was sort of confusing).
  • [Fix] Bug affecting tooltips in Firefox.
  • [Fix] Bug affecting database indexes (thank you, frequencycast)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting SlimScroll in Firefox (thank you, Gerard ter Beke).
  • [Fix] Conflict with another plugin related to the logout button (thank you, GusRuss89)
  • [Fix] Bug on masking IP Addresses on 32-bit systems, which apparently hadn’t been fixed in 3.5 (thank you, carbeck)


Don’t forget to grab the updated SlimStat Dashboard Widgets plugin as well. These two plugins really go hand in hand and you will be better off using it if you are not already.

WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets

  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Author: Camu
  • Last Updated: 12/30/2013
  • Requires WordPress Version:3.1 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 3.8



  • Dashboard Widgets now honor your global WP SlimStat permission settings (who can view your reports)


As there are still a few bugs that may be present, continue to expect a couple more updates over the next several weeks. We enjoy the response from Camu and the developer team which is constantly upgrading and tweaking this plugin. This is among the many reasons we enjoy using and discussing this plugin package. Keep up the great work.

Derek Wood

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