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Potential Media Library Security For Frontier Post Plugin

Recent Security concern posted from WordPress User that applies to users of the Frontier Post Plugin.

Posted 2 days ago # (11/16/2013)




Thanks for that great plugin. I have a security question: When uploading the media, the authors sees the whole library and can edit or even delete every image. Is there a possibility to change that?


Thanks in advance


As of yet (11/18/2013) there has been no reply. Which may be of concern also to anyone using this plugin. The authors have seemed to take a hiatus with regards to support issues, having only resolved 1 of 12 support issues over the last 2 months.

1 of 12 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.


– http://wordpress.org/plugins/frontier-post/

We understand plugin developers have a lot on their plate, but we also like to see at least some interaction among the community. We hope this plugin will not fall by the wayside as it does show quite good promise.

Anyone interested in helping out?

If so, we look forward to hearing suggestions from anyone using this plugin. Help keep the WordPress community secure by participating in discussion and plugin development.

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