• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Quickest Ways To Get Your IP Address Banned On SDU

Today’s post is kind of a funny little rant of mine.

I do not mind banning IP address of visitors who are specifically trying to hack this site or trying to access pages that we do not allow outside access to, for instance admin pages.

The fastest ways that you will get yourself banned from this site is to try accessing content that you have no reason or right to access.

We have stated in the past that this is both a private site, meaning no one outside of myself and my staff have access to publish to it, and that the site does not offer registrations or logins of any kind.

People accessing the following types of content will be banned from the site:

Here are a few that you don’t have access to:

  • /wp-login.php
  • /admin/login.php
  • /bitrix/admin/index.php?lang=en
  • /admin.php
  • /administrator/index.php
  • /wp-login.php
  •  /FCKeditor/editor/filemanager…………
  • /xmlrpc.php
  • /user/
  • /admin/

In addition, trying to access site content on my system that also relates to a known hack, not to mention one I just posted about earlier in the week, such as this Optimizepress hack, and the location listed below:


Are pretty simple ways to get yourself blacklisted on my site.

the system will automatically block people for trying, but I still enjoy blocking people manually from time to time just because I can.

It’s a pretty simple concept, if you are a normal visitor and just read the content then you will never likely attempt to hit or land on pages that do not exist or that you do not have access to. So in truth just don’t bother.

We do allow commenting on posts where the comment feature is enabled. There is no registration involved to comment. However if you comment on a post, which is appreciated, we will hold it and manually verify the comment content. 

We look forward to hearing from our readers.

Derek Wood

Derek is a Online Web Professional. He works with clients and customers in order to implement Web-Based solutions for businesses. These include websites, SEO, marketing, and company branding. His own company, Shadow Dragon Unlimited has been providing these services to local businesses in his Western Massachusetts area and online since 2003.