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Upcoming Additions To SDU Site

ByDerek Wood

Sep 9, 2013

Over the next several weeks we will be making a lot of changes here. Below is a small rundown of several of the key changes you will be seeing.

  1. E-Commerce Section
  2. For Sale Section
  3. Business Articles
  4. Website Portfolios
  5. Updated Service Lists

Each section will contain subsections as needed, but here is a brief overview of these items:

E-commerce – SDU was originally founded as a precursor to our own Ecommerce sites. Having been setting up and creating e-com sites for over ten years now we have gained considerable experience in what works and what does not. On top of this, we often have sites that have been created, worked on, and even promoted that we no longer need or have time to maintain. Some of these sites will be available for sale in the future.

For Sale – As specified above, we occasionally have digital assets that become available to the general marketplace. In the future we hope to bring these opportunities to our valued readers on a first come first serve basis. This means that you will be able to come here and actually buy sites and content that we create at a fraction of the normal cost.

Business Articles – We love content. The web revolves around content. Content is King. This will likely never change, or at least until the written word disappears. Since telepathy for the masses is not here yet, we will continue to post business articles of the highest quality on our website. This section may also be supplemented with other topics of interest as they apply to sites within our portfolios.

Website Portfolios – Like any other business we are often quite proud of the work we do and would like to share that with you. Over the years we have created hundreds of sites and we feel that it is time that we begin sharing that journey with our readers.

Services List – Here at SDU we offer many valuable services to both businesses and individuals that are often very specialized in their nature. We offer customized solutions to fit your needs. Because of that our services list has continued to grow causing us to rethink the process by which we offer these solutions. In the future we will be streamlining many of these services in order to provide them to you in a faster, more efficient manner.

Even more to come. As we progress into the new year of 2014, SDU is looking to new horizons in the fields of Internet Marketing and Business Service Solutions. Providing you with those services and technologies that your business needs to succeed into 2014 and beyond has become our number 1 priority.

Derek Wood

Derek is a Online Web Professional. He works with clients and customers in order to implement Web-Based solutions for businesses. These include websites, SEO, marketing, and company branding. His own company, Shadow Dragon Unlimited has been providing these services to local businesses in his Western Massachusetts area and online since 2003.