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Updates and Changes Coming To SDU

ByDerek Wood

Sep 21, 2013


We will be making several changes in the upcoming few days. We wanted to take a few minutes to discuss what they are and how they will affect the site. Below are some of the items we will be updating.


  1. Security –

    1. After much deliberations we will be dropping the present version of the OSE Firewall plugin. Please see this lengthy post here: Recent OSE Firewall issues
    2. We will picking different Firewall Programs: top choices: WordFence, 6Scan, Sucuri, and BulletProof Security 
  2. Speed –

    1. Cache Implementation РIn order to speed up load times we will implement site caching. Top choices are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and AIO Cache. Presently W3TC is the leader. It offers the greatest flexibility and improvement. We have used it on other sites and noticed a considerable increase in performance based upon YSlow and GTMetrix scores.
    2. Decrease File Cleanup – removing old files and backups that are doing nothing but sitting on the server taking up room. This causes additional load on the servers during regular backups they can be easily moved.
    3. Increase DB Efficiency – One major increase was seen during the OSE issues above, a cleaner database is faster. We are going to remove the bloated sections left behind from updates or plugins that are no longer in use.
    4. CDN – Content Delivery Network – As part of many sites, the CDN puts files into regional data-centers so that files may be served from closer locations to the end user.
  3. Content –

    1. Considerable amounts of content will be coming your way. We will be adding new content that we have been working on for other sites that may not apply to this site directly.These could be topics covering many aspects of Web-based Marketing. For instance:
      1. Plugins Reviews
      2. Marketing News Sections
      3. Mailing List Issues
      4. Site Update
      5. Company News
      6. Human Interest Stories
      7. Marketing Techniques
      8. Web Design Ideas
      9. Traffic Generation
      10. Hosting Reviews
      11. And just about anything else of interest that you ask for.
  4. Services –

    1. We will be expanding our services to the general market. In the past, and at present our services are only offered by direct referral. This has been by design in order to maintain specific levels of business proficiency and support.
    2. Services will begin being offered on a trial basis depending on the need for and response from customers for these services. Below is a short list of the few services we will be offering in the future.
      1. SEO Services
      2. Social Branding
      3. Bookmarking Services
      4. Link Building
      5. Content Generation
      6. Graphical Design
      7. User Centric Restructuring
      8. Email Marketing
      9. WordPress Security Consultations
      10. WordPress Installations
      11. WordPress Custom Development
      12. Software Design
      13. more to be determined…
  5. Customer Specific Requests –

    1. From time to time we do very specific customer requests. These could easily be outside of the normal scope of our business model, such as game programming, instead of business software development. When this happens we are often not at liberty to bring to light the projects we are working on. In the future we hope to change this to some degree. By offering further incentives to our customer in exchange for additional coverage of their product or service. This we found has a synergistic relationship by letting us promote their new items directly, and letting us display the work we do so that others may see it.


We hope that you will use and enjoy the new features that will be coming up. We are looking forward to bringing these new options to our site and to you our customers.

Thank you for your visit.

– Derek Wood

Derek Wood

Derek is a Online Web Professional. He works with clients and customers in order to implement Web-Based solutions for businesses. These include websites, SEO, marketing, and company branding. His own company, Shadow Dragon Unlimited has been providing these services to local businesses in his Western Massachusetts area and online since 2003.