• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

WordPress Security Should Be A Concern For All Blogs

Making WordPress Security Easier For The Average User

When it comes to WordPress Security we feel that it does not have to be topic to be feared, loathed or generally avoided. Quite the opposite. It is our belief that the more you understand what can and does go wrong with WordPress security concerns the better you will be able to deal with the eventuality of a problem occurring


What Does WordPress Security Mean To You?

Before we get into the plugins, let’s take a moment to find out what security for your WordPress blog means to you.

Most people think of WordPress security as “having a site that cannot and will not ever be hacked, taken down, broken into or in some other manner misused, mistreated, or maligned”.

We like to take a more realistic approach to WordPress security measures and we think of true security in this manner:

Preparation, Prevention, Protection, and Response –

  • We prepare for the eventuality that someone, somewhere will attempt to hack our sites.
  • We prevent anything that we can through proper setup, installation, and upgrading procedures
  • We protect against the attacks that we cannot know about through constant testing and tweaking of new and innovative security measures, such as htaccess tweaks, ban lists, spam blocks and access controls..
  • We respond to failures of security swiftly through the use of tracking, monitoring, and routine backups in order to minimize site downtime and problems when they occur.

In other words, even banks get robbed. With rare exception anything, aside from maybe Fort Knox, has a completely perfect security protocol in place. Your blog is definitely not that secure.


Why Bother With WordPress Security At All Then?

Why do you buy life insurance? Why do you put your money in a bank? Why do you get a car with airbags? Well, because you understand that things can and do happen and you want to be prepared for that eventuality.

When you get these things you are hoping to avoid these issues, but you take into account that a car can break down or that even a bank could get robbed. What these items do is to help mitigate the potential losses when it happens. Insurance pays the bills when you can’t work or the bank might cover a certain balance form money lost.

WordPress security is the same process. By default the core files are pretty secure. However, no one ever uses just the core installation. Even then, once you develop a website you need to consider other issues. This means protecting against hacks, bandwidth thieves, content theft, and any number of other problems.

Once you understand however that these issues are prevalent on the web then you can take precautions. No one likes crime, and crime happens even with prevention measures in place, but not as easily.

Enhancing the security of your WordPress blog is about NOT making it easy for the bad guys.

In essence you want to do your best to prevent the “general” hacking attempts that are often carried out by automatic scripts and recovering form any attack where someone actually broke your security measures.


Securing Your WordPress Blog

For the most part making any modification to your WordPress installation outside of the core installation files means the addition of plugins.  This is of course one of the main aspects of WordPress.

Since there is a host of options out there to choose from, it comes as little surprise that there is a ton of confusion about which security plugins should be considered.

What does surprise us is how few security plugins actually get installed. 

Regardless if you like our list of plugins, we recommend that you at least install some form of WordPress security plugin option. If nothing else, pick at least one of teh main categories of plugins, such as an All-in-one security or BulletProof Security and install the basic package. This alone will make you more secure then most WordPress installations out there.

But, if you want to delve a lot deeper into WordPress security plugins then take a look at some of our favorite WordPress Security plugins and how they impact your site security.

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