• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Wordpress update image with noteThe most recent version of WordPress is out and this one is called “Pepper”,  named after the jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. This most recent update includes a couple of nice features that can easily go unnoticed if you weren’t sure what to look for.

There have been a couple of major updates so let’s take a look at those first. Full article: https://wordpress.org/news/2016/08/pepper/

Streamline Updates

Long gone are the days of back and forth page refreshes every time you did an update for your plugins and themes for your WordPress blog. the workflow process for plugins and theme activations has been streamlined. The should have an overall smoother transitions for those admins or users who are doing this with multiple plugins on a consistent basis.


Native Fonts

Native fonts are those fonts that generally come installed with your operating system. This means that WordPress can use the fonts that are already on your computer making the site load faster and transition from one device to another with greater ease.


Content Recovery

While your editing your WordPress site it will now save tyour work as you go to your local device. This means that in the event of an outage or accidental page refreshing the content recovery process will be much easier.


Inline Link Checker

Adding links to your WordPress site just became easier. The Inline link checker will now let you know if you add a link that is broken. While it won’t tell you if you are entering the “link you want”, it will help to make sure you are putting in valid links.


Additional Update Features

  • Resource Hints – help make your site faster be deciding what resources are being fetched and processed.
  • Robust Requests – HTTP API now makes better use of the Requests library, improving HTTP standard support and adding case-insensitive headers, parallel HTTP requests, and support for Internationalized Domain Names
  • WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type – Programmers can take advantage of new WP_Term_Query class that adds flexibility to query term information and a new WP_Post_Type object which makes post type interactiong more consistent.
  • Meta Registration API – support types, descriptions, and REST API visibility. Additional notes see these links: Enhancing register_meta() in 4.6 and Additional register_meta() changes in 4.6
  • Translations On Demand – Once the WordPress Community Translations packs are available, WordPress can download as use them as needed.
  • JavaScript Library Updates – The following Java libraries received updates: Masonry 3.3.2, imagesLoaded 3.2.0, MediaElement.js 2.22.0, TinyMCE 4.4.1, and Backbone.js 1.3.3
  • Customizer APIs for Setting Validation and Notifications – Settings now have an API for enforcing validation constraints. Customizer can now show validation errors.
  • Multisite Query Updates – Considerable query updates along with caching to improve performance over the network. Aaddition of WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query help craft advanced queries with less effort.


Additional Nates:

As with any new release there still may be bugs or issues that arise from the newest changes. The WordPress team made a few dozen major updates in the 4.6 Release alone. See the list here : WordPress 4.6 updates and fixes.

Please also make sure that any plugins you are using should be updated to work with the most recent version of WordPress as well. MAny Plugins will likely be updating over the next few weeks.

Anyone interested in beta testing new WordPress releases can do so with this Beta Test Plugin. Please note that beta builds are not recommended for live / production sites.   They should generally be a test site only as anything that happens to a site is ultimately the responsibility of the owners / admins.


Derek Wood

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